Our Story

Woman with brown hair, glasses, and a hat, holding a male infant. Background has large live oak trees.

Working and parenting is tough, as my husband and I found out in 2018. Our journey to parenthood was long and uncertain. So, we came into parenting with more reading and research than we probably needed. While we knew that doing and what we read would be two different things, one thing we both agreed on, and continue to agree with, is the need for a parenting style that encourages age-appropriate independence, physical activity, focus building, and curiosity. With some reading and research, we found Montessori style education offered a template for the environment we wanted to create and the practices we wanted to start.

Despite Montessori getting its start with Maria Montessori working with children whose parents worked, so many of the resources I found for infants and toddlers were aimed (perhaps inadvertently) at stay at home parents with more time and more resources than we had. So, we’ve been reading, adapting, and forging our own journey. We’ve had so many friends ask about Montessori, about how son got so good at focusing, and why we have a floor bed. So, I’m sharing about our journey and favorite resources to help other working, purposeful, and loving parents.