Stack of books, on a purple blanket, on green grass.

These are a few of our favorite resources for creating our Montessori practice with two working parents.

Favorite Books on Parenting

Favorite Blogs on Montessori Parenting

  • The Kavanaugh Report – Her baby and toddler series, set up by week, provided a lot of inspiration for activities for us!
  • Child of the Redwoods – Aubrey Hargis not only wrote two of our favorite books on child development and discipline, she gives lots of resources. She and Nicole Kavanaugh also offer online courses.
  • How We Montessori – Lots of visual inspiration, and helpful month to month activities. Her curated weekend reads are always a great resource.
  • The Montessori Notebook – Her positive attitude on toddlers is encouraging and I enjoy her views on positive discipline. Bash is just starting to need “discipline,” so hoping I can keep up a positive attitude in the face of toddler frustration and independence.

Favorite Montessori Parenting Podcasts

  • The Montessori Education Podcast – Jesse McCarthy provides a male voice on parenting and Montessori (a perspective I haven’t found very often online) and does a great job breaking down difficult topics and Montessori lingo.
  • Simple Families Podcast – This podcast isn’t necessarily Montessori, but the focus on minimalism, respecting the child, practical life, and time outdoors aligns with our parenting style. Great all around resource.

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